BRZK Audio, a Phoenix-Based Car Audio Brand, Releases New RS-T150 1-Inch Tweeters

October 13, 2021

The BZRK Audio RS-T150 1-Inch Neodymium Aluminum Dome Car Tweeter Pair

BZRK Audio

The affordable, high-quality tweeters are now available on Amazon

PHOENIX , OHIO, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2021 / -- BZRK Audio today announced the release of its newest product. The BZRK Audio RS-T150 1-Inch Neodymium Aluminum Dome Car Tweeter Pair is now available on Amazon.

The BZRK Audio tweeters boast smooth, detailed mids and highs for a rich, smooth sound. The tweeters have a wide-range frequency response of 1.5khz to 25khz, 93 dB efficiency and 4 ohms impedance. Each driver handles up to 150 watts or 75 watts RMS for a total of 300 watts of max power handling.

BZRK Audio's Rolling Studio tweeters bring audiophile-grade sound to the driving experience. They provide smooth, non-fatiguing upper mids and highs and include bass blocker capacitors. They feature a full aluminum housing and domes made from a proprietary hard dome material. The tweeters offer exceptional power handling and feature neodymium magnets.

The 1-inch SQ component car tweeters offer a great quality sound for an affordable price. The tweeters are intended for audiophiles. They are sound quality-oriented, have solid aluminum housing, smooth frequency response and good power handling.

Customer Sharon A. said, “Best inexpensive tweeters on the market. Sound is very clear and clean. Not too bright or too harsh. Paired together with my 7 band EQ, I can dial in the highs perfectly for whatever type of music I'm listening to at the time. If you're on the fence about purchasing these tweeters, just get ‘em! You won't be disappointed.”

In addition to the RS-T150, BZRK Audio also offers the SQ T-100, another high-quality audio tweeter. The soft dome enhances detail, adds clarity to the upper midrange and treble, and adds new detail to horns, pianos, snares, vocals and strings.

It can be installed in a wide range of vehicles, with the ability to flush mount or surface mount. The tweeters can be pivoted to offer a wide range of optimal placement options. The SQ T-100 model has 4 ohms impedance, 60 watts RMS, 120 peak watts, a frequency rate of 2khz to 20khz, and features a neodymium rare earth magnet.

“Our mission is to provide high-quality sound for the cost-conscious connoisseur. A ‘best bang for your buck’ brand,’” said a spokesperson from BZRK Audio. “Our goal is to provide the best value in quality car audio. This latest product is the highest-quality tweeter we've ever released. It's an unbeatable value in sound quality-oriented tweeters.”

For more information, visit and find the RS-T150 tweeter on Amazon.


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